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but lookin at the glass,staring through my pass
nothing tht I ever did was something tht cud last
never was the best, failling all of my test,
was I even average?thinking….. I guess
never earning more,settling for the less
everything I did turned out to be a mess
but its time for me to shine,time to get mine
time for me to switch poetry lines into rhymes
All the others rappers are gonna fall,economy
And all of the haters will be gone history
I gon be rapping all up In ur face acne
Reaching for the top,never gonna stop
Everybody hold up
,im about to blow up
Dey b calling jamma,I be like wateva
Man I came from far , time i raised the bar
Time I took my place , get to know my face
Girls be on my case,when they get a taste
they be going loco,1 girl man is me though
i like to play with lyrics,change em teill they perfect
its a little gift from heaven,and it becomes a weapon
My rhymes are like punches, rearranging faces
Couldn’t afford a meal,but now I have a deal
Crashing all the parties ,flirting with the shorties
Put on ma glasses
Stunting for the masses

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